Taylor Middle School Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements


It is flu season and we are seeing a number of cases here. Please, if your child is having flu symptoms or you question if they are, KEEP THEM HOME. Flu symptoms include: fever, body aches, cough, runny nose, sore throat, headache, weakness, or fatigue. Please consult your physician for questions. Also, a student must be fever free for 24 hours without medication before returning to school. That also applies to vomitting and diarrhea.

Please report your child if they will not be able to attend school.  You can leave a message if you call before school or as always, you can leave the message with one of the secretaries.  On school delays, the office WILL report to work about 9:30 AM, and on e-learning days (snow days) the office is closed. Scheduled e-learning days the office will be open.  Thank You!

School Delays:  if you are not notified by skylert about school delays or no school, please listen to local radio stations or any of the TV stations out of Indy.  If you need to confirm your phone number for skylert, please call the office.

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Mission Statement

The Taylor School Community mission is to prepare and encourage our students for success in all life’s opportunities through the foundation of TITAN STYLE.

Vision Statement

Working together as the Taylor Learning Community, we will distinguish ourselves as a premiere educational site, ensuring a life of success and continued growth for all of our students.